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Reliance hot water tank rental costs starting from $ a month. Contact us now to get 6 months free plus $ gift card and no contract! Learn about Peterborough Utilities Inc.'s hot water tank rentals. Peterborough Utilities has been in the electric water heater rental business for more. We offer an affordable and reliable rental program for hot water tanks alongside our financing and purchase options. We specialize in energy efficient wall.

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Hot Water Heater Rentals Without The Crazy Interest Rate Hikes. Most Ottawa Homeowners Make A Big Mistake When They Rent Their Hot Water Heaters. After home heating and cooling, hot water tanks consume the most energy in your home. Control your home energy costs by choosing a more energy-efficient hot. Rental water heater rates vary depending on the unit you choose. If you have questions about our rates or how to choose a rental water heater, contact us by.

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K Btu Portable Steam Heater Rental. Max BTU of ,; Max Airflow of 4, CFM; Operates on V 1-phase power. Rent Water Heaters & Appliances With Peace Of Mind. The AWHR Rental Appliance Program is designed to combine two things that make your life easier – quality. A tankless water heater is a great option for families looking to upgrade. Insufficient hot water is sometimes a straightforward repair like replacing a heating.