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It can be hard to explain SoulCollage to someone who hasn't tried it. So here are some examples of cards. The slide show may take a minute to load. SoulCollage® workshops and Facilitator Trainings hosted by Catherine Anderson in Charlotte, NC. BELOW IS A FREE VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE SOULCOLLAGE® CARDS. The card-making is satisfying and fun—a discovery in itself—but it's only the first part; then we learn to do "readings," to learn what our cards have to tell.

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SoulCollage® is a collage process, in which someone makes a personal deck of cards, one card at a time. It is easy, fun, and satisfying and can be used by. Soul collaging – or SoulCollage as it correctly known – was developed in the s by American therapist and poet Seena B Frost to help give you support and. your SoulCollage® card. 1. Look closely at your card. SoulCollage®: An Intuitive Collage Process of Individuals and Groups by Seena B. Frost.

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SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of your personality. SoulCollage® is a method of self-discovery through the creation and intuitive analysis of a deck of collaged cards. It was developed by Seena B. Frost, M.A. SoulCollage® cards are made either from one's own art or from images found in materials which have been bought by or given to the SoulCollage card maker. These.